Divorce law, Rule 43 application

A rule 43 application deals with maintenance, custody of and access to children as well as maintenance and contributions to legal costs on an interim basis while the parties are litigating. A rule 43 hearing is done on papers only with no oral evidence being given by either party. It is absolutely vital to use […]

Divorce in South Africa

As divorce law differs from one country to the next, how does South African law impact on ending your marriage? A divorce is simply ending a marriage in a legal way so both parties are free from each other and they can commit to someone else in the future. It is valid to end a […]

Legal separation and Divorce, where you stand

It is often unclear when to separate and when to apply for a divorce.  How do you know when to end your relationship in a divorce? As many people choose to stay in a relationship and they don’t necessarily want to end their marriage then they can apply for legal separation.  A separation needs to […]