Cheap Divorce Attorneys

Cheap Divorce attorneys may seem hard to believe but there are ways to Hire and attorney to deal with your divorce without it costing you a fortune. The cost of your divorce will be determined by the matters on which you and your soon to be ex spouse disagree on and of courses the attorney that you choose.

A cheap Divorce Attorney may seem like an impossibility but the cost of your divorce is almost entirely up to you and your ex spouse. The more you agree on, the less your attorney will need to consult with you and the less it will cost.

If you are able to agree with all of the matters which you need to agree on:

Or any other issue which may arise, you are well on your way to getting a cheap divorce. The thing that costs is the amount of time your Divorce attorney has to spend preparing for your divorce, fighting your case and consulting with you and the opposing attorney, so try to iron out the main areas that need agreement and your divorce is likely to be quick and cheap.

Once you have agreed on the main items, you will find that the more personal issues will be a lot easier to sort out. For example, you don’t want your attorney to send a letter or meet with the opposing Divorce attorney over the pet, a chair that has sentimental value or anything which does not include the major divorce issues.

All to often more money is wasted when divorcing spouses refuse to discuss matters in a civil fashion and results in letters at between R700 and R1500 being sent back and forth between Divorce Attorneys over items that cost less than the letter. Divorce is an extremely emotional time and you may need to bring yourself into check and consider the cost of what you are doing before you do it.

A cheap divorce Attorney is a Divorce attorney who is presented with a situation which has pretty much been resolved and the final dot of the i and cross of the t needs to be made. Divorce attorneys are highly qualified individuals who charge on an hourly rate. It is always advisable retain an attorney as opposed to doing a divorce yourself, the last thing you need is for there to be incorrect documentation which could be challenged at a later stage.