Family Lawyer | In the best interests of the children

Your family lawyer is not just there to deal with your maintenance or divorce matter but acts as an advisor is all aspects of family law, helping you overcome any differences you may have with your spouse or ex-wife.

While the primary reason you may have had when contacting a family lawyer may have been to discuss a divorce matter, custody matter or maintenance matter, a family lawyer will advise you on all matters with the best interests of the children top of mind.

Too often divorcing partners are consumed by emotions that they lose sight of the most important issues when there is a disagreement that the children are often only considered as one of the factors after the financial aspects of a divorce or maintenance matter are negotiated. While your and your spouses finances are more often than not the reason you have consulted a family lawyer, these matters can be resolved fairly easily if both parties disclose their income and assets. The calculation of child maintenance is a fairly straight forward calculation and once income, expenditure and assets of both parties are disclosed, your family lawyer will be in a position to make the calculation for you.

The problem in divorce matters or maintenance matters usually stems from disagreements about income and expenditure which all too often end up in protracted legal battles that cost a lot of money and are certainly not in the best interests of the children. Children undergo severe trauma in acrimonious divorces or contested maintenance matters where parents are constantly fighting. Family lawyers will attempt to bring the parties together and to agree on matters concerning finances and access to children with least amount of trauma being caused in the children’s lives.

It must be understood in a divorce that costs increase with two homes being necessary, two lots of rates taxes and electricity etc. These costs impact on the ability of both parents to afford the lifestyle they had when living together and if both parties acknowledge that the children need to be in safe and secure environments with both parents, a lot of the financial disagreements can be dealt with by a family lawyer without significant legal costs. It is after all in the best interests of the children!

Family lawyers will also deal with Paternity matters in the case of disputed parenthood and with new developments in paternity testing, the results are extremely accurate and admissible in court under certain circumstances.