How divorce effects the future relationships of a child

Another symptom of depression which is common in children from divorced families is disinterest – in their lives, themselves, their friends, schoolwork, and just about everything. This is often caused by the immense despair that children feel when their whole world comes crashing down. Often, they cannot cope with the mixture of feelings – anger, grief, relief, embarrassment etc – that they experience when their parents get divorced, so they lose touch with the world around them. This is done to help them come to terms with and accept their parents’ divorce, or it is done to isolate themselves from the reality of their lives.

Feelings of Neglect

Negligence is a form of child abuse whereby parents fail to provide their children with their basic needs, such as love, safety, warmth and food. Harming the child is not always intentional, however, sometimes children are deliberately neglected. This negligence is very threatening to children’s health and well being. It can affect them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Children who come from divorced families often feel neglected because the custodian parent cannot provide all their basic needs. This is usually because the parent suffers from low energy levels and is extremely occupied with trying to maintain the lifestyle that they once had when two parents contributed to the family. The children feel that everything else – work, money etc – comes before them and eventually they grow accustomed to this negligence.

In addition to this, children may feel neglected by the parent who no longer lives with them. Sometimes they feel they are being punished by only having access to only one parent. Even if negligence is not the intention, the parent who moves out of the house must ensure that they do their utmost to prevent the children from feeing neglected because there can be severe long-term consequences for the children.

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