How divorce effects the future relationships of a child

Children also feel neglected when their parents enter into new relationships. The new man, or woman is seen as an intruder in the family and, if he or she is not introduced in the correct manner to the children, the children will resent the person for destroying what is left of the family unit. If the parents do in fact enter into new relationships, the parents must be very careful and ensure that they still spend quality time with their children.

The relationship between the children’s actual parents can also contribute to negligence. If the parents have an extremely vulgar and violent relationship, the children often feel like they have no place in the family. Thus, they feel very alone and isolated. They do not know how to approach one parent, without upsetting the other. Children often believe that they have to choose one parent over the other.


Uncertainty is when a person has doubt, or is questionable about a specific situation. When children have experienced their parents’ divorce, they often feel uncertain as to whether they will ever be able to have a strong, healthy and natural relationship.

Because children from divorced families have experienced the pain trauma and other effects of divorce, they often feel that it is not worth entering into their own relationships. Thus, they become lonely and, once again, isolate themselves from people. By Rozanne Johnson

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