Is divorce right for you?

Despite statistics and research on divorce it all boils down to one thing: happiness. It is simple yet many people do not realise the reason they are not happy in their relationship is because they are not happy with themselves.

Sure it sounds like your typical psycho-babble but I assure you there is truth in it.
Transference and projection are common expressions in psychology and they are often referred to when someone is portraying their issues onto someone else. It is so common that people do not realise that they are doing it.

In a relationship with your partner it will not always be plain sailing; you will have your ups and downs. But when do you throw in the towel and say: that’s it, we’re getting a divorce?’ is it when you are unable to cope with pressure at work, or your children are in between you and your partner and there is no time for your marriage or when you find out that your partner is sleeping with your best friend? That should do it!

Think about this, would your partner run off with someone else if you had chosen to pay more attention, to go the extra mile, to see the tell tale signs perhaps something wasn’t right from the beginning? Maybe your intuitive response to your relationship from the beginning was somewhat sceptical. Maybe you got married because you had a child when you were young and you had to get married, for the sake of the child. But what if you married someone you considered being ‘the one’ and then your marriage ended in divorce. How does one explain that?

Well, here comes the psycho-babble. It’s all about keeping record of your own life which means being responsible for your own actions. Honesty and truth is what you owe yourself. By giving it to yourself, you can share it with others. If you allow yourself to really do what you love to do and to be who you are, you will feel true happiness. Now that is worth projecting onto someone else!

Sometimes you will realise by divorcing someone, you discover yourself again. Sometimes we make a mistake and we live a lie, until we are put on our rightful paths again. We must always remember that life will not lead us amiss; there is blessing in any ending. A marriage ending in divorce for the right reasons is a life worth living!