Recommended Hospital Plans

Clientele In a large number of divorce cases medical aids and hospital plans are on shared policies and either one of the parties has a period of time they will remain on the hospital plan or medical aid but do need to take care of their own medical insurance needs at some time.

It is important to know what the cost of medical insurance will be in order to accurately prepare expense schedules required in maintenance matters. It is also prudent to get alternative costs to compare against the current plan that you and your spouse are on, perhaps by separating the medical insurance there can be a significant saving on the hospitalization or medical aid.

There are a number of hospitals plans available and we recommend the Clientelle life hospital plan which pays out up to R5000 per day that you are in hospital. Divorce is amongst the most stressful times in your life and ranks as the number one cause of stress related illness in South Africa.

Make sure that you are covered for unexpected illness that requires hospitalization by taking out an inexpensive hospital plan from Clientelle life. Making an inquiry as to the costs of hospital insurance costs a few minutes of your time and could save you a lot of money.

Divorce involves a lot of emotion and often the aggrieved party does things out of spite and in todays money driven society, the idea of paying for someone you are going through a divorce with’s expenses results in policy cancellations and potential harm. Take the step and be prepared.

Looking for the best medical aid?We recommend the medical aid from Momentum which is a full comprehensive medical aid sheme from one of the countries foremost medical insurance companies.

Take a look at the medical aid offered by Momentum and the extensive cover they offer for individuals and families. To inquire and receive a quote from Momentum costs you nothing but a little time that could prove to be the best time you ever spent in respect of cover and saving money.

If you have children, you need to know what the cost of a comprehensive medical is going to be. Take the step and request a quote that will enable you to do a cost comparison and present accurate expense schedules to the courts. Accurate expenses to determine the cost of children in calculating child maintenance is the single most important thing for any parent to prepare.