DeMartini Facilitator Zoe Lapinsky

DeMartini Facilitator Zoe Lapinsky

“Why don’t you take all the people who are making your life difficult, bring them to me and then your life will be better.” (Dr Wayne Dyer)

If your first thought was “Where do I sign up” then keep reading.

There is a way for you to do just that. Well, it’s going to feel like that at the end. You bring your thoughts, feelings and perceptions of them to me and together, we make your life better….yes, there is something you can do about their anger, depression, arrogance, stubbornness, etc. Instead of banging your head against that same wall, clear it!

Get the perspective of time, that ‘blessing in disguise’ without the long wait.

(Dr John Demartini)

50% of marriages end in divorce. We’re scared of it. We’re scared of what it’ll do to us and our children. Parents are scared of living by themselves, of the enormous change their lives undergo, of the loss that they now have to deal with. How do they explain it to themselves – am I a failure, why couldn’t I make my marriage work? How do I explain it to my children, my parents, my friends, and what if that’s the business partnership too?

Often we’re so busy lamenting about what was, that we simply don’t see the blessing of what is.

I met a woman who for several years after her divorce woke up every morning with a sense of anxiety, and she carried it around with her all day. All she saw was that she didn’t have a relationship with her husband anymore. What she ignored was the fact that when she was with him, she was an addict, in and out of rehab centres, and had no relationship with her children, parents or siblings. What she now has is the reverse. When she actively or consciously became aware of this she no longer carried that sense of anxiety around. She freed herself up to enjoy not only the familial relationships that had evolved since her divorce, but also opened herself up to the possibilities of meeting a new partner, one that shared her current values and lifestyle.

Love your divorce. It’s possible.

Imagine that weight lifted off your shoulders

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